This morning Year 5 performed their brilliant assembly all about ‘Ancient Greece’.

They took us back in time to Ancient Greece. Some travellers were trying to decide where to live so the Athenians and Spartans shared how they run their city states and the different aspects of life they prioritise. We then had a very special version of Greeks Got Talent where we met all the different gods and goddesses, including a wonderful rap that introduced all of them to us!

We hope you enjoy watching the assembly. Well done Year 5!

Please contact the school office if you need the password.

9 comments on “Year 5 Assembly

  1. Alexandra Y3⚽ says:

    I loved your assembly Year 5!

  2. Florence Y3😎😛 says:

    I loved your assembly Year 5!📜. Especially the rap!😎

  3. Tomi Year 5🥶 says:

    This assembly was very cool and amazing, definitely a win!

  4. Genesis Y2 says:

    Well done year 5

  5. Well done year 5.

  6. Your assembly was really good I can’t wait to learn about ancient Greece.

  7. I loved your assembly 😊!

  8. I loved performing the Ancient Greece assembly! I was glad that I was able to do the rap and I think me and my fellow rappers performed it perfectly!

  9. This assembly was very fun as well as playing the role as circe ! Its such a honour to take part of this! 🙂

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