Today, sadly, marked the end of Year 6’s fantastic Manufacto experience. Everyone had the opportunity  to show off their finished, working lamp and also to speak about their learning in this project.

For twelve exciting weeks, we have been measuring, drilling, sawing, sanding and assembling our lamps. You can watch highlights of our amazing journey in the video below.

Our lamps are now all ready to be taken home to be put in pride of place and treasured forever.

Lots of parents came to see our amazing work as well as Mrs Mitterlehner from Hermes, the company who have generously funded this wonderful experience for us.  We are extremely  grateful. Miss Coleman also came and was thrilled to receive her very own bespoke lamp to keep!

We were so pleased to see Emma and Camilla again but also so sad that the time has come to say goodbye to them. We made them personalised aprons to remember us by and everyone wrote a special message to each of them as well.  Wednesdays have been our favourite day of the week for the whole of this project. We will always remember everything they’ve  taught us and we know we will go on to use so many of the carpentry skills and life skills that we have learnt from them. Thank you both for everything.

Many thanks to everyone who came to support us today and to also everyone who has supported this project over the last twelve weeks. We feel very fortunate indeed to have had this amazing experience in our last year at St. Vincent’s and we will remember it forever.


31 comments on “Year 6 Manufacto Presentation

  1. Madeleine Y6 says:

    Thank you so much for this amazing experience. I had so much fun doing it. I have ALREADY put it on my bed side table!

  2. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to make such a cool lamp, it was so fun. My favourite part was assembling the lamp as I could finally turn it on. The most challenging part was sanding all 5 slats because it took a long time to sand down all the corners.

  3. My favourite part was assembling because it was just so exciting and thrilling knowing we were a few stops away from being finished. I have learnt so much such as how to use dangerous tools safely and how to use other wood pieces. This will help me in my future because I might want to work in the industry one day and I will already have lots of experience. Thank you Emma and Camilla for everything.

  4. Alexandra Y3 says:

    That looks like a lot of fun!

  5. Constance says:

    My favorite part was when we waxed the slats since it was fun but it also made the slats softer. The most challenging part was when we were sanding because it was tiring and it took a very long time. I really liked everything about it. Thank you !

  6. My favourite part was when we were assembling our lamps. This is because I could finally see that my 12 weeks of patience and hard work had payed off. The most challenging part was when we had to stick all the wooden slats together. This is because we had to stick all the slats in the right place and exactly lined up. Overall, I loved this manufacto project and I hope we can do something like this again in the future !

    Thank you so much Emma and Camilla if you’re reading this !


  7. Marie 🤗 says:

    Thank you 😊 Emma and Camilla for this wonderful experience. I’ve had so much fun 😃 learning woodworking skills 🪵 and useful techniques that will help me in the future. I am very happy 😆 with my lamp.

  8. Sophia B yr6 says:

    I had SO much fun during the last few weeks on Wednesday! I loved drilling because it was so fun to do! I learnt how to do SO many things and I’m so grateful that Emma and Camilla were there to help me! I love my lamp and I wouldn’t change a thing about it!


  9. My favourite part was the assembly because I loved to see it come together.
    The most challenging part was also the assembly because the screwing part kind of hurt my arm.
    I have learned that making the tiniest measurement wrong can really mess up your work but you should never give up and try your best.
    Sometimes when i was making a part of my lamp that I thought was not going well
    Emma and Camilla re-assured me that it was going well


  10. Layla yr6 says:

    This project was the main thing that made all of us happy! There were many challenging parts but the most challenging part was trying not to get wood dye on my shoes 👟!!!! But this can come in so much use in my future and in general. I now know how to hold items in a mature and safe way and now when I’m older I could always help someone make something using wood and tools because I had experience when I was 10!!!!!

    Thank you Emma and Camilla xxxx

  11. Thank you for helping me to build a lamp. I hope I see you again.

  12. I enjoyed doing this MANUFACTO project. My favourite part was drilling holes into my lamp because I believe I am very good at it. The most challenging part was measuring my pentagon because I am not good at measuring. Thank you Emma and Camilla.

  13. Julian y6 says:

    My Manufacto project:

    My experience with the prestigious Manufacto-Project was extremely enjoyable and truly a once-in-a-lifetime that I am fantastically glad that I was lucky enough to participate in such an amazing opportunity.
    I personally enjoyed drilling in the screws for my pure satisfaction of items slotting in perfectly in holes (that I also drilled beforehand) but I also loved chiselling blocks off my already near-perfect plank of highly-sanded and deeply-polished wood.
    It was shocking how enjoyable such a relatively simple, yet dangerous, task could be when you create your own personal item to keep from scratch otherwise known as a basic plank of unsanded , unpolished ,unmeasured piece of wood.

  14. My favourite part was when we were assembling the lamp because it was really fun to screw the screws in and use a screw driver. We learnt how to use tools correctly and safely, so now if I want to make any thing of my own or go into the business I can. The most challenging part was sanding because it hurt my hand after a while and got very tiering to. Thank you so much Emma and Camilla.

  15. George y6 says:

    My favourite part was when we went on a trip because my group won a amazing prize and got we all got to eat some delicious pastries👌 The hardest part of the manifacto project was the first time we sawed but after that it all went well.👍😁

  16. this project was so fun and i have loved doing it for the 12weeks! I have learnt how to use tools carefully and be patient with others. My favourite part was assembling the lamp together. I learnt how to saw, drill and screw carefully! Thank you Emma and Camilla for this wonderful experience and helping me when i needed it! I hope to do something fun like this again.

  17. My favourite part was drilling in the holes for the screw to go in. This will help me in the future if I want to be a carpenter when I grow up. The hardest part was measuring all the angles because I am bad at it.

    Thank you Emma and Camila

  18. hollirose says:


  19. My favourite part on this journey was when we did the sawing for the first time. In the future i would like to make a wardrobe with my skills.
    thank Emma and Camila 💕

  20. Isabella😊😊 says:

    In manufacto we learned how to make a lamp. Camila and Emma were really nice and they were lovely teachers. I learned a lot from them and I had so much fun making my lamp. They were always super nice and a lot of things that I didn’t Know they taught me it really well.
    We got to use drills saws and we got to colour our slates with wood die. My favourite part was when we assembled all the pieces together.
    I would love to do more workshops with Emma and Camila and learn how to make more things with wood. 💕😃😊

  21. my favourite bit of this programme was lighting and testing them at the end . I learned that carpentry is harder than I thought .

  22. Everything was very fun but my favourite part was when the lamp was when it was finished as I could see it light up. Next, i would like to make something a bit bigger like a stool to learn more.

    Thank you so much everyone.

  23. I really enjoyed the MANUFACTO project. It was so interesting to learn how to be a carpenter. I may even be one when I’m older! Thank you, Emma and Camilla, for this wonderful opportunity!

  24. My favourite thing in Manufacto was designing the patterns on because I did red and orange stripes. The most challenging part was putting everything together because it was hard but at the end, I did it. This could help me in the future because if I ever build something, I can use what I did in Manufacto.

  25. My favourite part of Manufacto was the wood dye because I loved experimenting with
    the colours. The most challenging part was when my handle came out wrong. But I have learned from this that it is possible to sand the colour off. This will help me in the future because I can use these skills if I want to become a carpenter when I grow up.

  26. My favourite part was when we got to paint the lamps because I could design it however I wanted to.

    I learnt that if you put wax on the normal wood it gives it a nicer finish.

  27. Albert Y6 says:

    I really enjoyed it and my favourite part was when we went to Emma’s workshop! I saw lots of cool machines and I had a lot of fun! I have learnt a lot in these past twelve weeks! Thank you so much, Emma and Camilla!😀🙃🙃🙃🎈🎈👓🕶

  28. My favourite part of the Manufacto project was cutting the slits with a saw because the was really satisfying for when the saw sliced the wood.

    I learnt that when doing wood-work you need to be patient otherwise if you rush you might do steps wrong and the thing your trying to make won’t turn out well.

  29. My favourite part of manufacto was screwing in the screws because I got to help other people and I have never done this before. The most challenging part was taking out a piece of the handle so it can stick to the lamp because I messed up and had to try again. I have learned that it cannot be perfect if you do not practice. Next I would like to make a stool. This will help me in the future if I want to teach others how to make a lamp.

  30. Catherine Yr6 says:

    The Manufacto project was amazing and I got to use so many new tools and have a new experience to learn from. My favourite part was the assembly as I was able to see all my hard work come together. I struggled with the screwing of the screws as this required lots of strength. Overall I love my lamp and thank to everyone who made this possible!!

  31. My favourite part was drilling the hole through the pentagon because I was the last person to do it and when I finally did it was very satisfying. The hardest part was the sanding since it took long and was very hard.

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