This week in Nursery we have started a new topic called ‘Traditional Tales’ and we have begun by looking into the story of ‘The Three Little Pigs’. We have loved reading different versions of this story every day this week!

For our English focus this week, we have been practising retelling the story! We talked about the key points and as we read the story we tried to remember what was going to happen next! We talked about the big events in the story and put them into order of when they happened. After our class discussion it was time make our own story map of the story! We glued the pictures that represented the story into the right order, practising retelling the story at the same time! Well done on this tricky skill Nursery!

For our Maths focus this week, we were looking at 2D shapes. We started by singing a shape song, and then we looked specifically at the shapes circle, square, rectangle and triangle. We practised drawing them with out magic fingers, and counting how many sides they had so that we could recognise them. Individually we then made a house made out of these shapes for one of the Three Little Pigs.

What is your favourite traditional tale?

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  1. Well done nursery👍👌It looks great 😊

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