Meet the Teacher

Thank you to everyone who attended the Reception Meet the Teacher session.

Click here to see the Reception Meet The Teacher presentation 2021

Curriculum Information Sheets

Our topic for Autumn 2 2021 is Celebrations Around the World.

Our topic for Autumn 1 2021 was My Community.


Click here to read the Reception Yearly Overview 2021-22.

Curriculum Learning Journeys

Children in Nursery and Reception will no longer use Learning Journeys as their progress will be tracked using Tapestry. More information will be shared as we launch Tapestry.

We will still use Learning Journeys for our Religious Education lessons which will be kept in their Religious Education folder and you can see when you visit the class.

My EYFS Learning Journey for RE (N + R)

At St Vincent’s we believe that childhood is a time of play, and through play we discover the excitement of learning, the rewards of achievement, and acquire important life skills. The Early Years setting both inside and outside, with its bright colourful, well planned, busy environment, encourages the children in the development of skills, attitudes and understanding that will help them to live full satisfying lives and become confident, useful, active members of a diverse, constantly changing society. Opportunities for both individual and collaborative learning are vital. We plan a balance of child initiated and adult led learning experiences in order to best meet the needs and interests of the children in our setting. We place great importance on the development of personal, social and emotional skills: high self esteem, a positive attitude and cooperative skills are key to successful learning. It is through this process that children will work towards, achieve and in some cases exceed their Early Learning Goals and address each of the four themes identified in the EYFS; A Unique Child, Positive Relationships, Enabling Environments and Learning and Development.