Our new topic for Autumn 2 is… ‘Celebrations Around the World’

This is a wonderful topic for celebrating the diversity of the children in Reception.

There is so much to explore in this topic! It embraces language, costume, religions, festivals and care for our world. There will be many opportunities to talk about our families and recognise the differences and similarities we share.

We would love to find out about the celebrations you love to celebrate with your families!

What celebrations do you enjoy celebrating with your family?
What special things do you do? What foods do you eat? What do you wear?

We will share all of your responses in class which will create some fantastic discussions!

11 comments on “Celebrations Around the World

  1. Well done Reception -great work and great learning!

  2. My favourite celebration is Easter, on Easter we travel to Italy, we see my grandparents and my cousins, we eat chocolate Easter eggs, and we eat a special cake !
    Lucia, Reception

  3. I enjoy celebrating Christmas and birthday’s with my family. At Christmas we have a big meal with all my family, nanny, grandpa, aunties, uncle and my cousins. We have special dessert and lots of presents and cards. We play board games, pull crackers and we always watch a Christmas movie. For birthdays we have lots of fun. For family birthdays we enjoy a meal together and we give gifts and a card. For my birthday I had a party, with cake, balloons and music and invited my friends and cousins.

  4. Chloe Fitzpatrick says:

    On Sunday, Nov 5th my family and I celebrated Guy Fawkes day by going to the Battersea Park Fireworks event. The event had a lot of fun activities, including fun fair rides, and we all rode the carousel. My favourite part was watching the fireworks at the end of the night, they were very beautiful with a lot of different colours. We had so much fun!

  5. Givenchy (R) says:

    I like celebrating Halloween, making the spooky pumpkin and scraping the gloopy stuff out for pumpkin soup after and eating yummy Halloween sweeties. People knock at our door and say “trick or treat”!
    Givenchy (Reception)

  6. My favourite celebration is Christmas because its baby Jesus’s birth and we should be happy that Mary did all this for us so he could die on the cross so we could live a happy life forever and ever and we have songs to sing his praise and Gabriel said to Mary: God has told me to come to you and you are going to have a baby and he will be the Son of God and you will name him Jesus.
    Guerlain (Y2)

  7. I love to celebrate Easter because we eat chocolate eggs, and Christmas because we receive presents. I really love to get toghether with all my family in Italy : grandparents, uncles, aunties and cousins.
    And I love very much to celebrate the Epiphany. Because I wait for Befana, an old woman who brings sweets and toys to all nice children.

  8. Willow Kelly says:

    My favourite celebration is EASTER. My mummy sets up an easter egg hunt in my grandads garden and house, this is soo much fun as i get to run around and find lots of small and big easter eggs that has been hidden. I also enjoy easter as it is near my birthday in April. I get lots of presents and celebrate with my family. We also cook a big dinner which is super yummy!

  9. Great job reception!

  10. Chloe Fitzpatrick says:

    Yesterday we celebrated Thanksgiving with our family and friends. Thanksgiving is an American holiday to give thanks for the many blessings of the past year, over a festive dinner. We ate turkey, sweet potatoes with marshmallows and apple pie. It was a really lovely night!

  11. I celebrate birthdays,and myself. I celebrate myself when I work really hard for something that took a long time to create something.

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