This week we will be celebrating World Book Day on Wednesday 1st March and we will call it St Vincent’s Book Day!

We love to promote reading at St Vincent’s and celebrating Book Day is a fantastic way to reflect on all of our favourite authors and stories we love!

We would love you to share what your favourite story is and why you like it!
We can’t wait to see what books you love to read and share your comments together in class!

8 comments on “St Vincent’s Book Day Reading Blog

  1. Hotel Flamingo
    This book is great. The hotel started off really dirty. Then Anna get people to help. Hilary Hippo does the cleaning, she likes to dust. I haven’t finished this book yet but I am really enjoying listening to my mum reading it to me at bedtime.

  2. Miss Pycroft says:

    That sounds like a great book Erin! I am glad you are enjoying reading at bedtime.

  3. Ariane year 1 says:

    I like the snail and the whale because the whale was kind to the snail

  4. I love ‘The Dragon who swallowed the Knight’. It is very funny, especially when he swallows lots of people!

  5. My favourite book is Emily brown . I like it because it’s cool and has lots of mysteries.

  6. Harmony. says:

    My favourite book is Cinderella because the Prince and the princess gone in the ball.

  7. Gabriella Y6 says:

    I like ‘Chocolate mouse for greedy goose!’ It is very funny and I like the book.

  8. Philippa year 4 says:

    I read every day. About 2 times.

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