Week 7 Creative Curriculum Homework-Music

Hello Year 4 and well done for all of your hard work during assessment week! You have done brilliantly.

This week for your Topic homework, I would like you to research the importance of music to the ancient Romans.

Look at this instrument:

It is called a lyre.

How do you think the lyre sounded?

What modern instrument does it look like?

On what occasions do you think the Romans played music with instruments such as the lyre?

Well done for working so hard!

Don’t forget to complete your CGP Comprehension work, your English and Maths homework and remember to keep posting on the Wednesday Word and your reading reviews blog!

There are new reading comprehension questions too, to help you with your reading.

I hope you are as excited for Enterprise week as I am!

Mr. Kersys.

8 comments on “Week 7 Creative Curriculum Homework-Music

  1. Hello Mr Kersys
    I think the lyre would have sounded like a violin and a harp.It looks like a harp.They played it at official It can be played on its own but can be sung with.It is easy to learn. You pluck most notes and bow others. The giant ones would be on the floor and you would sit to play it.It was one of the most important instruments in Greek times.It had 7 strings and was mainly played by men.It was a photo on Greek coins and the Greek god Ichilees used to play it.

  2. 1. I think that a lyre sounds like a harp .
    2.I think it looks like a little harp so it was good for travelling bards.
    My mum played the harp!

  3. Hello Mr Kersys,

    I think that this instrument sounded like a harp and a violin.
    I think they used it in special occasions like:
    . Singing when it is being played
    . Dancing

    Interesting Facts:
    This instrument is easy to learn playing.
    Roman music was important to Ancient Roman culture almost from the beginning.
    People of Ancient Rome would have songs for almost every occasion that they celebrated.

  4. 1. I think the lyre sounds like a harp.
    2. It looks like a small harp.
    3. I think the Romans played the lyre when the emperor of Rome came somewhere.

  5. Hi Mr Kersys,
    1. I think the lyre sounds like a mixture of harp and Violin.
    2. It looks like a harp.
    3. The Romans would play it on festivals ,theatre music and concerts.

  6. Patrick Barrow says:

    I think it sounds like a small harp and a guitar.
    It would have been played at social occasions as songs were an important part of almost every social occasion also played at funerals.

  7. I think the Lyre sounded like a harp.
    A harp.
    The emperor and/or empress went into the public.

  8. Hello
    I think The lyre looks like a harp but a bit smaller
    I think the sound is a bit like violin as well
    The Romans probably played the lyre on big occasions as the lyre can be accompanied by singing or alone as music

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