Wellbeing Week: Connect

Good Morning, everyone!

This week, we have been learning about the 5 ways to Wellbeing.

Today, we are focussing on the 5th step to Wellbeing:

It is very important for our wellbeing to have connections with other people. Feeling close to and valued by other people is important for everyone. As we can’t see many of our friends and family at the moment, it is extra important for all of our wellbeing  to stay connected.

All of the school staff are staying in touch with each other using phone calls, texts, emails and video calling. We share news,  funny photos, chat about our feelings and celebrate any birthdays.

All of the school staff are staying in touch with you and your families using the blogs as well as e-mails and phone calls.

I usually ring my mum once every day and visit her as often as I can. Now, I am video calling her at least twice a day. This way, we can see each other safely and chat about our days.

Mrs Knowler and her family are even managing to have parties during their video calls!

Although you will  not see your teachers and friends every day while we’re not at school, keeping in contact with them is important. Click on the link to your class blog to send a message to your teachers and classmates.

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Year 3           Year 4                 Year 5        Year 6

There are so many different ways to stay in touch online and this can be very positive for our wellbeing. However, it is so important to stay safe and also to make sure that your online behaviour doesn’t negatively  affect someone else’s wellbeing.  Click on the link for more guidance:  Keeping safe online

If anything is worrying you at this time, you can also post a comment in the school’s worry box. Your name won’t be posted but this helps the school staff to give you advice and support. This advice might also helps other children too. Click on the link: Worry box

Don’t forget connecting with your family as well. Try to spend real time with the people that you live with.  You can watch a movie, go for a walk, play a game or just have a chat. If you can’t see your other family members at the moment, try video calling them or sending them a home-made card. These simple activities are enjoyable for everyone and will make you feel more connected.

How have you been staying connected with your family, teachers and friends?

What are you going to try to do from now on?

 I would love to hear from you and you may give other people some good ideas too.

Love from

Miss Siswick x

God of compassion and love,

Be with our families this day,

From the youngest to the oldest,

Lighting up our relationships,

Sowing grace into our troubles.

God be with our families,

Weaving love into our work,

Our rest, and our play.


3 comments on “Wellbeing Week: Connect

  1. Hello Everyone!! 😃

    The way I connect with my teachers and friends is that I use the blog so whenever a new blog is posted I have the chance to talk to my friends and teacher.
    I also use Skype and lots of my friends also have Skye so we chat and we call for as long as we like.
    It is so much fun!!
    I hope everyone is safe!!
    I am missing you all so much 😊

    ~Elena 🦄

  2. Miss Siswick says:

    Hello, Elena. I’m so glad that the blogs are helping you to stay connected with everyone. There will be lots of new blogs for you all to connect with on Monday.

  3. Yes I too love the blogs as a way to stay connected with everyone at school. Like lots of the staff and children I had a birthday recently and although I couldn’t celebrate in the usual way it was lovely to stay connected with my family and friends through texts, phone calls and video calling. Doing all these things made what might have been a lonely birthday a very enjoyable one and I felt it was certainly a birthday to remember. My mum even made me a homemade card by cutting up lots of old cards she had. What a great way to recycle and stay connected.

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