This week it was Anti-bullying week. The theme this year was kindness. We took part in lots of different activities and workshops. On Monday we wore odd socks to show that we are all different and unique.

We participated in a workshop organise by the charity Mind. We spoke together about what kindness is and we said some kind words to each other. We also wrote down kind messages on heart post-it notes and drew some superhero posters. We all agreed that if we are kind to someone they are more likely to be kind to someone else. This forms a kindness chain.

Well done Year 1!


3 comments on “Anti-bullying Week

  1. Michelle Walsh says:

    What a lovely idea to create a kindness chain well done year 1 xx

  2. Tristan year 1 says:

    well done year 1. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Adelaide Pereira says:

    Just what our children need to learn about in today’s world. Being kind to each other matters a lot even if it is a little deed. Thank you for organising this SV!

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