This week Year 3 have been creating Stone Age cave painting inspired sketches.

We began this half term’s Art focus by looking at the life and work of an impressionist artist Edgar Degas, and his ‘Three Studies of a Dancer’ sketches.

We learnt that Degas and other impressionist artists such as Claude Monet were interested in creating art about everyday life and focusing on ordinary scenes such as landscapes, people in the public and even dancers.

Degas was fascinated by and tried to capture movement in his art. In his sketches he used hatching and shading to show this. We then practiced this skill ourselves by beginning to use hatching, cross hatching and shading in our sketch books. In our next lessons we focused on common scenes found in cave paintings such as hunting, herds of animals and cooking. We practiced sketching symbols found in these scenes such as figures of people, animals, fire, trees and mountains.

For our final piece we stained our paper brown with tea bags to mimic the appearance of a bumpy, brown cave wall. We then carefully sketched our own hunting scenes, taking care to include hatching, cross hatching and shading in our sketches to create shadows and movement within them. It was also useful for us to use different grades of sketch pencils for thicker and thinner lines as well as the hatching, cross hatching and shading. At the end of our study, we evaluated our pieces and thought about what we liked about our sketches and how we could improve next time.

What brilliant work Year 3! I am so proud of all of our beautiful artwork and how much effort you put into it…

Which art skill did you enjoy practicing the most?

15 comments on “Art in Year 3

  1. Alexandra Y3 says:

    I loved learning about Edgar Degas. I enjoyed the cross hatching technique the most. I also enjoyed staining the paper with tea bags to achieve the old stained cave look. Thank you Mr Kersys and all my year 3 teachers.

  2. Thank you Alexandra!

  3. I hoped you enjoyed this lovely activity as much as I did when I was in Year 3!

  4. Your drawings are amazing! You look like you had a lot of F-U-N.

  5. Normally I do not like drawing, but I really enjoyed making this picture: So first of all we got a piece of paper and water and a tea bag. It was fun to make the paper with the tea bag wet. It gave the paper more of a cave effect. I enjoyed drawing the stick men and the arrows. I drew cliffs and arrows falling from the sky. I want to make another picture at home!

  6. Fantastic Nicolas, I am really glad you enjoyed our art activity.

  7. Florence 🌈 says:

    This activity was amazing🤩. I really liked when we were practicing the symbols of the Stone age, and sketching on the piece of teabag-covered paper.

  8. Rosa🦄🎀 says:

    Ooooo that looks fun year 3 hope you had fun

  9. Wow amazing art year 3!I didn’t know how to draw like that when I was In year 3.It sounds like a great activity. I remember doing It In year 3 and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

  10. In this lesson we had so much fun! We learnt about the famous artist Edgar. We had a lot of fun doing cross hatching, hatching and sketching.

  11. I liked when I drawed the Stone Age animals.It was so much fun because I liked drawing! I want to do more art and I am looking forward to the next topics!

  12. Thank you Mr Kersys for letting us do this fun activity. my favourite sketching skill was cross hatching. I love doing art.

  13. Joseph year3 says:

    Hello everyone. This activity was AMAZING!I really liked practising sketching the stone Age and then for the real drawing the teachers handed out papers and we gently rubbed a tea bag on a paper and the next day we sketched our drawing the paper thank you Mr Kersys and all the teachers for organising this.

  14. Sounds like lots of fun !!!!!!!! I wish I could have done it as well.

  15. Molly year3 says:

    It was fun and exciting to be learning about Edgar Degas and his life.I was quite surprised that he didn’t think that he was really an impressionist artist but as a person how liked to sketch and draw things.Thank you Mr Kersys and all of my teachers for planning and doing this lesson for us.

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