This term for our indoor PE, we are using a programme of learning designed by the Royal Ballet School. In the first two weeks, we were manipulating our bodies to create spiral movements and incorporate those movements into sequences.

This week and next week, our focus is kinesphere. The children are exploring their periphery through creative movement, using different levels and extending from the centre of the body. Working in pairs, the children grow, extend, stretch and reach their energy lines to the outer limits of their kinesphere, their periphery.

Children were using their balancing skills and should have been feeling their stomach muscles engaging in the activity throughout. The children learned how to vary their levels of energy in relation to colour visualisation. Applying our learning from last week, we spiralled and swirled our energy into different parts of our bodies.

Next week, we’ll be working in pairs to combine the elements taught throughout today’s lesson to perform a creative travelling combination with an emphasis on energetic jumps and shapes, extending from the centre and radiating outwards towards their kinesphere.


3 comments on “Ballet in Year 5!

  1. Genesis y2 says:

    I like ballet.

  2. Alexandra Y3 🥰😍❤ says:

    Wow! This PE lesson looks fun. I like all the poses. Great poses y5.

  3. I really enjoyed this PE lesson. I love ballet and I really enjoyed doing it in school.

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