Our new class text in Reception is…

The story is about a tiny seed that travels through all of the different seasons and grows big and tall.

This week, during our oracy lesson, we developed our vocabulary by describing the flower that grew from a tiny seed. We made our own flowers using card, tissue paper and oil pastels. As we made our flower we talked about its features including the petals, stem and leaf. Through our discussions, we also built on our understanding of the different seasons and the changes in weather.

Today we used our prior learning to write our own sentences about our flower that we had made. We used the sentence starters to help us and thought of our own sentence to describe our flower. We practised saying our sentence out loud a number of times and then had a go at writing our sentence.

We tried hard to remember finger spaces and a full stop.

Well done Reception you applied lots of your phonic knowledge to help you spell new words in your sentences today!

4 comments on “Writing in Reception

  1. Good Handwriting Reception !

  2. Alexandra Y3 says:

    Wow Reception! Those flowers look beuatiful.

  3. WOW Reception those flower are beautiful and your writing looks so neat!😎🇧🇷

  4. I loved listening to the story about the tiny seed, because it grows and then the seed fell on the grass and it grows again. I liked spending time making flowers in our groups and listening to Miss talk about how to look after flowers. The flowers looked so good. 🦄❤️💐

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