Year 6 have been working hard in their  English lessons this week, to plan and publish their own newspaper articles  about the Kingdom of Benin. 

Click on the name to read each article: Adrien   Albert Constance Emilia Finley Gabriel George Henry Hollirose Isabella John Joshua Julian Layla Lowry   Luisa   Madeleine   Marie   Marisa  Mia   Mila   Rafael   Rebecca   Rex   Sophia B   Sophia P SophieVincent

We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we enjoyed researching, writing and publishing them and we hope they encourage you to want to find out more about this great African civilisation. 

21 comments on “English and History: Writing Newspaper Articles

  1. Nice articles guys

  2. Alexandra Y3 says:

    Great articles Year 6!

  3. Madeleine y6 says:

    It was very fun writing this article. Especially because we wrote it on the computers.

  4. Sophia B yr6 says:

    I loved writing these articles! It was so fun to do especially because we did it in the computer room! Its important to learn about places you have never heard of before!

  5. Writing the articles were so fun and it was even more fun because we got to write on the computers and talk to our friends for more ideas and spent time on it.

  6. Layla Yr6 !!!!! says:

    Last week, when we made the news paper articles, I had a great time. I loved reading some of the articles that we created, because they were full of facts, if not FUN facts!

  7. I loved writing my own newspaper. I especially loved doing it on the computers ! I hope we can do this again soon.

  8. I really enjoyed this because it was super fun and I thought is was fun to make an article.

  9. It was really fun typying it up on the computer.

  10. I really like making the articles on the computer.

  11. I liked making the newspaper. It was really fun.

  12. it was really fun and i have fun

  13. When I found out we were doing this news paper on the computers I was so happy ! I hope we can do something like this again.

  14. It was really fun . i enjoyed it .i liked how we got to write what we knew about the kingdom if benin

  15. I enjoyed making my newspaper article about the Kingdom of Benin.

  16. The best English lesson ever!😃😃

  17. I thought writing the article was much more fun this time as we were permitted to write on computers which not only sped up the process but made it a whole lot more enjoyable for everyone. Overall, I loved writing the article very much and think that in the future more English work should be on the computers.

  18. I loved writing these articles they were so fun. 😎 best English ever 😎

  19. It was a lot of fun writing the articles because it challenged me t remember as much as I could. I would do it again any time.

  20. It was really fun because we never usually get to type on the computers

  21. Impressive yr6

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