Hot Seating Shackleton in English!

For our final week of work on Shackleton’s Journey by William Grill, Year 4 used the hot seating technique to interview Sir Ernest Shackleton about his famous expedition to the Arctic in 1914!

Year 4 worked really hard this week to think about what being trapped on the South Pole with limited supplies must have felt like. We explored the difficulty the crew of the Endurance must have faced when some of them left their friends on Elephant Island in an attempt to seek help for a rescue mission.

We explored this through the use of freeze frames and role play. the class really enjoyed using their facial expressions and body language to show a wide variety of emotions. During thought tapping, they shared their internal monologue about these events.

Later in the week the class took on the role of journalists! We learnt that journalists need to make notes and observe their interviewee carefully in order to remember as many details as possible.

Using this, we formed thought provoking questions to ask Shackleton about his desire to explore the Arctic, treacherous expedition and difficult rescue mission. 

Finally the time came to interview Sir Shackleton. Different members of the class took on the role and answered the imaginative questions posed by their peers in role.

For the final activity, we wrote up the interview using the correct format for our big write!

What a brilliant start to the term Class 4. I am so proud of your hard work this week!

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