This week Year 1 had their first ever cricket lessons!
We have a new coach who works at Lords Cricket ground to teach the class all of the key skills and rules to cricket. Year 1 were so excited and enthusiastic during their lesson, and Coach Sam was very impressed.

To begin, the class played ‘Umpire Tag’. They learnt three key signals that the Umpire may make during a cricket match! Signals for when a ball is out, for when a ball is wide and when a team gets four runs. Children were then chosen to be taggers, and they ran around tagging their friends. When a child was tagged they had to stand in an umpire pose using one of the three signals they were taught.

Next the class practiced their catching skills, first by bouncing and catching a tennis ball, and then throwing and catching a tennis ball. The children were challenged to try and catch the ball in one hand, as catching is a key element in cricket!

The children loved their first lesson and are so excited to learn more about cricket and practice their batting skills!

Well done year 1, this was a great firstl lesson! Everyone tried so hard and we were lucky to have such beautiful and sunny Spring weather!

2 comments on “P.E – Cricket with Lords

  1. Playing cricket is so exciting. I enjoyed learning all the different moves and how to bowl.

  2. Sienna mays says:

    It was so much fun when we were bouncing the ball, I loved it. Cricket is so exciting!!🏏🏏🏏

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