This morning we welcomed Anna from QPR to our assembly and she had a special treat for us!

They work closely with the Premier League and have bought us a football kit for the girls to wear at their football tournaments. Anna shared how so often, female footballers have to borrow kit from the men and that is why they are ensuring that there is a special kit for girls.

Some of our Sports Ambassadors tried it on and we think it looks great!

Thank you QPR!

4 comments on “Premier League Football Kit for Girls!

  1. You all look epic!

  2. Isabella says:

    It was so fun and I loved the kits.

  3. The new premier league football kit is incredible! I loved trying it on with all the other girl sports ambassadors. It’s great how the girls in our school get to stand out in sports.

  4. Alexandra Y3 says:

    Your jerseys look so cool!

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