One of the sports we are learning this half term is Tennis. Following on from last week’s emphasis on ball and racket control, we recapped on the children’s forehand groundstroke from last year. We had to remember to make a ‘capital C’ stroke from above shoulder height, using our stronger hand and following through once we’ve connected with the ball. Once we were happy that we had remembered how to do a forehand groundstroke, we learned how to do a backhand groundstroke. This stroke involved using both hands on our weaker side starting from waist height following through over the opposite shoulder.

Working pairs, we practiced playing the ball to each other using backhand ground strokes. We had to remember that our partner was not our opponent so we had to play the ball back to them with control so they were able to catch it. We definitely didn’t want to make it difficult for our partner to catch the ball.

Once we had practiced the backhand sufficiently, we got the chance to apply our skills by separating into several small games with 4 people on each court. Working in pairs, our job was to use our forehand and backhand techniques to guide the ball into our opponents’ court and hope it bounced twice. If we played the ball and it failed to land in their court, we would lose a point so we had to be precise.

We discovered that it isn’t easy playing the ball gently within a small space so we had to remember the importance of control, which we learned in last week’s lesson!


9 comments on “Tennis in Year 5’s PE

  1. Olivia y5🦄 says:

    I love P.E {physical education}
    At the moment we are doing tennis which I really enjoy and I am having so much fun🙂

  2. Gabrielle🖋 says:

    I love PE and I find it very fun. I really like tennis and I am happy to be able to do tennis two times a week!

  3. Louise Y5 says:

    Our new topic in P.E is TENNIS!
    I hade so much fun. I am not that good at tennis so this is a wonderful opportunity.

  4. Jaidee🎀 says:

    This term we have been learning how to play tennis and I have really enjoyed learning to use new techniques to hit the ball .

  5. Juliet Year5:) says:

    I love tennis, it’s an amazing sport especially when you are doing it with your friends!!!!!!

  6. ✨Isabella Manning 🦄 says:

    PE is such a fun subject. I can’t wait to continue our topic on tennis 🎾

  7. Tomi Year 5 says:

    When you can do a 1 vs 1 tennis game in an open pitch is so much fun and when the ball never rolled away the game was so satisfying

  8. I love PE!!! I love learning about new sports and actually doing it. Tennis is one of the things we are doing in PE and I absolutely love playing!

  9. I love tennis even though it can be hard.It is a really good sport. Something that I really like about P.E. , is that we get to learn new things!!!!

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