Today we celebrated and talked all about Mary! We talked about how May is the month of Mary. We then looked at pictures of shrines of Mary to see if we knew who Mary was. We all knew that Mary is the mum of Jesus. We talked about why Mary was so special and then we read a story all about Mary’s life! We learnt that Mary’s mum name was Anna and her dad’s name was Joachim, and that Angels came to visit them and tell them they were going to have a special baby called Mary. We then read about how Jesus was born, what he did in his life and then how he died (all of which we already knew from the story of Advent and Easter!). Even though Jesus was. Dry busy spreading Gods word, he never forgot about his mum Mary! We also learnt about how Mary lived until she was old and then died peacefully. We discovered that once she rose up in Heaven to be with Jesus she was crowned the Queen of Heaven and Earth and is know as the eternal mother. We finished by saying the Hail Mary and then listened to some songs about Mary.

To consolidate our learning  we made flowers out of tissue paper for Mary! They look beautiful.

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