The importance of staying active

Keeping active is so important and there are many benefits to both your physical and mental health. 

Why should we keep active?

  • It helps us to sleep better
  • It gives us more energy
  • It makes us stronger
  • It helps our heart to become healthier
  • It can help us to feel less anxious and worried
  • It makes us happier-exercise releases endorphins, a natural chemical that makes us feel good!

As you can see, there are so many benefits to keeping active not to mention how fun it is!


So, let’s all move more!


Here at St. Vincent’s we think it is so important to help you all stay active during this challenging time which is why we set up the PE classroom.


In the PE classroom you will find so many activities to keep you active and smiling 🙂 Here is a reminder of what is available:

  • Queen’s Park Rangers-We are very grateful to work with QPR and they have provided all of you with wonderful equipment bags and each week new challenge videos are posted for you to complete daily. Remember to log your daily score on your class scoresheet and your teacher will announce the winners at the end of the week! Can you beat your score!? 

  • Daily Lunchtime Challenges-Daily a familiar face from school will post a ‘lunchtime challenge for you to complete using a piece of equipment from your bag. Enjoys a break from school work and get your heart pumping! 

  • ‘PE with…..’-On a Friday, one of our brilliant ‘Rights Respecting Sports Ambassadors‘ will post a PE session for you to enjoy. Again, all the equipment you will need will be in your equipment bag. Will they be the new Joe Wicks!? 

  • Lord’s Cricket GroundWe really value our partnership with Marylebone Cricket Club and they have created an amazing ‘PE portal’ for everyone to use! On a Friday during your PE with Lord’s session, you will take part in a challenge against one of the coaches! If you want to access more of their resources click here!

Why do you like to keep active?

Have fun St. Vincent’s and remember to move more!

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