This week, we had a fantastic morning in Winter Wonderland, where we got the chance to go on lots of rides. We headed straight for the rollercoaster, Wilde Maus, and it didn’t disappoint! Once we had regained our composures, we were feeling brave so we headed for the haunted mansion (there was plenty to scream about in there) and the funhouse. Next up was the Magical Ice Kingdom (it was a good job we were fully wrapped up because it was -10 degrees in side!) where we saw lots of amazing ice sculptures and finished with a slide made entirely of ice. The real ice slide was the next obvious choice but the queue was busy. Not a problem though because next to it was the jet ride, which was much faster than it looked from the outside.


We had a fantastic time and we’re very grateful to Winter Wonderland for offering us the opportunity for free entry before doors opened to the public. Hopefully this won’t be our last visit to Winter Wonderland! What was your favourite part of visiting Winter Wonderland?


One comment on “Year 5 in Winter Wonderland!

  1. James year 5 says:

    I went on every single ride and i really enjoyed it.
    I loved the rollercoaster and got dizzy on the snow riders.
    The haunted house had lots of zombies and wasn’t scary to me but it really seemed haunted.

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