Oxford Street District Consultation November 2018

If you are interested in the future of the Oxford Street District Consultation, please visit the website www.osd.London where you can view the design proposals and provide feedback.

Below we have detailed our concerns about the previous plans for full scale pedestrianisation of Oxford Street and we are pleased that these plans are now ‘off the table’. Instead, plans are being made to really improve the wider district, enhancing the historic neighbourhoods whilst creating employment and other opportunities-but not at the expense of those who live in the area.

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Pedestrianisation of Oxford Street December 2017

Westminster City Council and TfL have been working closely together to deliver an ambitious transformation programme that will ensure Oxford St will be renowned as the world’s best outdoor shopping experience. However many members of our local community are concerned about the impact this will have on Marylebone as the project will move the traffic closer to Marylebone,  bringing more congestion and pollution closer to our school. As a school our main concerns are the increased pollution levels to the area, the safety aspects for our pupils on their journey to school with more vehicles using the road network closer to the school and the accessibility issues for our families who rely on the bus services to Oxford Street and may not wish/ be physically able to easily travel by underground.

The Marylebone Association has circulated the following concerns:-
1. The threats of increased congestion and pollution from traffic displaced to residential streets.
2. Accessibility problems for the disabled, elderly, parents with prams etc
3. Servicing for shops and businesses without disruption to residents.
4. Adequate provision of buses in the area with safeguards against antisocial behaviour where night buses will be using stops in residential areas away from Oxford Street itself.


A press release issued  by the Better Oxford Street Campaign, which includes the Marylebone Association, expands on these views and can be found at http://betteroxfordstreet.org/

The opening of the Elizabeth Line in 2018 offers a once-in-a-generation opportunity to deliver improvements that will make this icon of London and the UK a destination of choice for many years to come.

To help shape what the future of Oxford Street could be, an initial eight-week consultation launched  in April to seek views from as many people as possible as to how to improve Oxford Street and the surrounding District. Once the results of the first round of consultation are known, a further consultation could follow in the autumn on a detailed scheme, paving the way for the start of the transformation of Oxford Street by December 2018, when the Elizabeth line opens.

The Leader of Westminster City Council, Cllr Nickie Aiken, and London’s Transport Commissioner, Mike Brown MVO,  both welcomed the start of a consultation to support the delivery of what is expected to be one of the most ambitious place-shaping projects London has ever seen.

A world class destination, Oxford Street is a leading shopping and cultural hub that welcomes more than 500,000 visitors every day. It is home to some of the best-loved stores and brand names as well as being a key commercial centre that drives the London and UK economies. There is also a strong educational and cultural tradition, from the University of Westminster to the world famous London Palladium and prestigious Wigmore Hall.

The district is also home to a vibrant local community who are proud to call the area their home. However, international competition and ongoing local issues such as overcrowding, congestion and poor air quality are putting its long-term future at risk.

The proposals to transform Oxford Street aim to significantly improve the area, as well as creating jobs, opportunities and prosperity, bolstering the area’s reputation as a leading shopping destination and ensuring the District retains the unique character of its neighbourhoods. Westminster City Council and TfL propose to create a new world-class public space by:

  • improving the public spaces and overall experience so that people will want to visit and keep coming back
  • improving neighbourhoods so they are some of the best places to live and visit in London
  • reducing the volume of traffic on Oxford Street‎
  • addressing its poor air quality
  • reducing crowding on Oxford Street and improving road safety
  • managing the traffic in the surrounding area and improving neighbourhoods for residents.
  • supporting businesses throughout the District, enabling economic growth and creating jobs
  • ensuring the area remains accessible

Val Shawcross, Deputy Mayor for Transport, said: “Today is an exciting first step in our plans to transform Oxford Street into one of the finest public spaces in the world. Oxford Street is iconic as a shopping destination, but there is far too much pollution and we have a huge opportunity to make it cleaner and safer for the millions of people who use the street every year. We need to make the transformation the very best it can be – ensuring it benefits local residents, businesses, and people who rely upon transport links in the area. This is an important first opportunity for Londoners to have their say before we outline our detailed proposals later in the year.”

Leader of Westminster City Council, Cllr Nickie Aiken, said: “This consultation is the first step towards transforming Oxford Street to make it an even more enjoyable experience for the thousands of people that use the area every single day. We want to ensure that all residents, office workers, shoppers and tourists benefit from the improvements to one of the busiest and most famous streets in Europe. In order to achieve this, we would urge as many people as possible to take part in the consultation and have their say on the future of an iconic area of London. The Mayor and I are in total agreement that the area should be massively improved but we don’t yet have any firm plans. That’s why we want to hear what residents, businesses, visitors and workers think will improve the district. Once we have gathered as many views as we can, we will develop a detailed proposal and a second round of consultation is planned in the autumn. It is a highly complex environment, but we know that by working together with all those who have a stake in the future of the area, we can get the best outcomes for the Oxford Street district.”

London’s Transport Commissioner, Mike Brown MVO, said: “Oxford Street is known across the globe as a fantastic place to shop, meet friends and socialise. The introduction of the Elizabeth line will help ensure that it retains its iconic status for years to come. It’s therefore vital that we take this once in a lifetime opportunity to make the area an even better place to live, work and visit. I would encourage everyone to get involved in this important consultation and help us shape the future of this world-renowned destination.”