Inclusion and SEND

St. Vincent’s  Catholic Primary School values the abilities and achievements of all its pupils who are unique and made in God’s image. We are committed to providing, for each pupil, the best possible education and environment for learning. We aim to maximize the progress and achievement for pupils with SEND through an enriching and rigorous education. We aim to support the pupils to become confident learners in life and achieve the greatest independence possible in their learning. We are committed to becoming a sustainable Rights Respecting School and endeavour to uphold the values and principles of the UNCRC.

Mrs Duffy is the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo).  If you would like to discuss your child’s needs please arrange an appointment with the school office.


Remote Learning for pupils with SEND

At St. Vincent’s Catholic Primary School, whilst we recognise that most pupils will be able to continue their learning via a remote platform during a period of self-isolation, we understand that some children with Special Educational needs will face particular barriers. For this reason, we will make the following adjustments to the remote learning plan:

  • For pupils with an EHCP plan who are at home or isolating, the Learning Support Assistant who usually works with that child will make daily contact with them, via Google Classroom, to offer support in accessing learning tasks or to provide tasks that meet the targets set out in their Individual Education Plan (IEP). The teacher may also make regular contact with the pupil to offer direct instruction and differentiation of tasks set. Dependent on the needs of the individual, we would expect that these children would also access any live or pre-recorded video sessions that the teacher provides to the class, if the whole bubble is isolating.
  • For higher needs SEN pupils who do not have an EHCP, the class teacher and/or teaching assistant will provide more bespoke learning tasks and/or differentiation of the tasks set, which are tailored to their needs. These could be in the form of visual instructions, step-by-step guides, worksheets, activities or visual resources that may be appropriate to support home learning. We would still expect these children to access any live or pre-recorded video sessions that is being provided by the teacher, if the whole bubble is isolating.
  • For those children with recognised SEND and on our SEND register, but who are able to access the mainstream content of lessons, we would expect them to follow the main programme of learning set by the class teacher. Teachers will use universal teaching strategies to ensure ensuring lessons are well differentiated so all pupils can access the lesson.

We have encouraged the parent/carers of these children to liaise with the school via our regular questionnaires and wellbeing parent meetings with the class teacher to report on how well their child is able to access the learning, so that any further adjustments can be made.


Further Resources for pupils with SEND

Below are a list of recommended resources to  further support remote learning for pupils with SEND. Please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Duffy if you have any further questions.


Health resources

Wellbeing resources

1.       Calm Jars:

3.       Young Minds blog and other services:

4.       Headspace, mindfulness:


Assistive Technology resources

1.       Technology to support SEND pupils with reading and writing:

2.       App to support grammar (suitable for pupils in KS2):


The Westminster All For Youth Newsletter  offers the opportunity for young people in Westminster and Kensington and Chelsea with special educational needs and/or disabilities to get involved with fun activities and to share ideas with other young people. More information can be found on the Young People’s Participation Pages on the Local Offer. Click here

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