At St. Vincent’s Catholic Primary School we study Religious Education, the National Curriculum and age appropriate Relationships Education. Through these subjects we deliver our vision.

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Information about the curriculum for each Year Group can also be found on the relevant Year Group pages. Each Year Group has an age appropriate Learning Journey for Religious Education, Reading , Writing and Mathematics detailing the relevant National Curriculum objectives to be achieved by the end of the year. A Yearly Overview provides the overall topics and the termly Knowledge Planner provides more detail such as the subjects covered during the term and the relevant objectives. Please speak to the classteacher if you would like more information.



At St Vincent’s, our broad and balanced curriculum is designed to encourage children to be lifelong learners who are curious about the world around them. We want children to have the skills to thrive in their futures. As a Catholic school, we value each child for their individuality and the gifts they have been given, and our curriculum encourages children to develop these gifts and use them to contribute to society. Children develop their sense of belonging to our school family and we celebrate and champion everyone’s differences. Through our school environment and the different experiences we offer (cultural capital), children become aware of different issues facing the world today.

It is important that children develop the necessary tools to navigate through their life. Our curriculum ensures that the importance of spiritual, mental and physical health is taught as well as strategies for children to use so that they are able to tackle the highs and lows of life. We want children to become critical thinkers who care for those around them.

St Vincent’s is a diverse school and our curriculum ensures that every child is valued and celebrated whilst being appropriately supported and challenged. Children are ambitious, want to learn more and have high aspirations for their futures. Through regular opportunities for working together, children learn to solve problems effectively as well as learning to become life-long independent learners.

Our curriculum has been carefully developed to:

  • Encourage children’s imagination and originality
  • Enable children to be active partners in their learning
  • Provide child-centred learning with many first-hand experiences
  • Allow children to make links and apply their learning across the curriculum
  • Develop life-long learning skills which are relevant for an unknown, changing future: resourcefulness, resilience, reflectiveness, reciprocity (good relationships)
  • Incorporate a range of teaching strategies and learning styles
  • Involve parents and carers at every opportunity
  • Extend children’s involvement into the local community and beyond, developing their understanding of environmental and global issues
  • Provide thorough coverage of the skills, concepts and knowledge set out in the 2014 National Curriculum programmes of study (Classes 1 to 6) and the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework (Nursery and Reception)
  • Prepare children for the next stage of their academic journey.

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Information about each subject can be found on the relevant page. Please click on the subject using the tabs on the left, to find out more information.