Since 2016, we have been following the Maths No Problem scheme which was founded in 2007 and helps schools teach the methods of Singapore Mastery Maths.

Mastering maths means pupils acquiring a deep, long-term, secure and adaptable understanding of the subject. Our Maths curriculum allows pupils to build problem-solving skills and gain an in-depth understanding of essential Maths skills. Problem solving is key to a mastery maths approach and at St. Vincent’s we offer lots of opportunities for problem solving to help pupils calculate with confidence.

Lesson Structure

Lessons in all classes in KS1 and KS2 follow a similar structure to maximise learning time.

  • Starter-all classes start with a worded problem and the children discuss this problem with their learning partner before a whole class discussion sharing the answer.
  • Share learning objective-The teacher will share the learning objective with the class and ensure that the children understand what the focus of the lesson is.
  • Key learning– This is teacher led and the children will practise the skills taught on whiteboards. Again, there is a lot of whole class discussion and partner talk.
  • ‘Guided Practice’-Before the children have a period of independent learning, they all complete one ‘Guided Practice’ question which is shared as a class to reinforce understanding.
  • Independent learning-Children use their workbooks to complete worksheets related to the learning objective. Children will wither work independently or in small groups. Support resources and challenge resources are always available.
  • Whole class review-At the end of the lesson, the class comes back together to discuss their understanding.
  •  Moved away from grouping-All children will complete the same work and support and challenge will be provided where necessary.

Progression of Knowledge and Skills

Our curriculum is designed to ensure Progression of Knowledge and Skills for each pupil as they move from Early Years to Upper Key Stage Two. Year after year, the children will be building their skillset and revising and revisiting prior learning to ensure progression.

Please click below to find the progression map for each topic across the Key Stages.

Mathematical Reading

To inspire us to become better Mathematicians, we study high quality texts in our English lessons. This helps us to see how Maths can be used in the real world!

Maths Open Morning

At St. Vincent’s we value working in partnership with parents and our Maths Open Morning provides an opportunity for parents to learn more about the curriculum. It starts with an informative presentation by the Maths Coordinator followed by the opportunity to visit every class to see mathematics being taught and to understand the progression across the school.

If you would like to view this presentation to gain a further understanding about Maths at St. Vincent’s, please click the link: Maths Open Morning Presentation

Enterprise Week

For more information about our annual Enterprise Week, please click to our Themed Weeks and Days page.

At St. Vincent’s we endeavour to help all children become confident mathematicians.







Click here to view some useful support videos for parents

Click here to see the Maths Curriculum Map 2020-21