At St. Vincent’s we have a dedicated team of Sports Ambassadors. This enthusiastic team of pupils, led by their Head Sports Ambassadors, lead games and activities each day during lunchtime. The pupils promote the positive values of sport whilst aiming to increase participation opportunities and healthy lifestyles for everyone!

The team of Sports Ambassadors have received training from the coaches from Lord’s Cricket Ground and develop their skills of leadership whilst upholding and respecting children’s right to be healthy and play.

At lunchtime and break time, the Sport Ambassadors set up a range of sport activities for all children. They lead the children through these activities, supporting them to further their sporting ability. They listen to children’s feedback to ensure that the activities are enjoyable for all.





The Sport Ambassadors also set up a range of sporting challenges for children to participate in across the school and give out team tokens to the winners. Each half term the Sport Ambassadors count up all the tokens and give the winning team a special lunch to celebrate, complete with a trophy and a tablecloth! All these points get added to the Sports Days points to win the overall winning team each year.