At St Vincent’s we regularly monitor and update our curriculum to enhance the experience and opportunities available to all of our pupils, so that they gain the essential knowledge and skills that they need to prepare for future success.

Our creative curriculum overview outlines our diverse and broad curriculum, creating the opportunity for pupils to develop a wide range of skills including British values and diversity. These are developed through studies of a wide range of people and their work in society including artists and musicians.
Please see our whole school curriculum overview.

We value pupils mental health & wellbeing and offer a supportive PSHE curriculum that embeds fundamental skills to build resilient learners.
Please see our PSHE Progression Map.

Our creative curriculum provides opportunities for pupils to recognise and peruse their unique talents and engage in our wider society. This can often be through successful links with our local community including the Wallace Collection, Lords Cricket Ground and the October Gallery.

We have established whole school initiatives to enable our pupils to identify their talents and develop character, which ultimately lead to well-rounded global citizens.

Building Learning Powers

Building Learning Powers is an approach to learning that we implement at St Vincent’s. This approach was created by Professor Guy Claxton. It is based on the idea that we are all capable of becoming better learners. Our ability as a learner is not fixed at birth or when we leave school; learning powers can be developed by everyone regardless of “ability”, background or age. In fact, there are NO limits to extending our learning power!
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British Values

At St. Vincent’s, we are dedicated to promoting values which ensure our pupils develop a strong sense of social and moral responsibility which will prepare them for modern life. By our words and actions we live out the ‘British’ values listed by the government. However, we do much more than that, seeking to base all that we do on the teachings of Jesus Christ, as summarised in our school mission statement, ‘Together through Christ we grow and learn’.
Please click here to see how we live out the British values in our school.

Enterprise Week

Our Annual Enterprise Week helps pupils to apply their mathematical knowledge and experience in a real life context. Pupils learn the importance of budgeting, team work and market research. We welcome visitors from HMT Treasury and Metro Bank where they lead a presentation into life in the Treasury and teach the children about budgeting, taxes and careers within finance!
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The Arts

At St Vincent’s we are proud of the many links we have established in our local community. These links offer pupils with the opportunity to develop meaningful experiences and promote character-building qualities.

Wallace Collection

We are lucky to be situated close to the Wallace Collection and have worked closely with them for many years. We take part in many educational programmes that they offer and the works of the collection which individual classes study always inspire us.
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October Gallery

Many of our classes visit the gallery over the year to explore new artists and their artwork. It provides the opportunity for pupils to be exposed to a range of art and understand the artists ideas and vision which come alive in each piece.
Click here to explore St Vincent’s work at the October Gallery.


Queens College

We often link with Queens College to develop pupils skills across the curriculum. It is fantastic to use their wonderful resources such as the Science lab or Art rooms. Working with skilled professionals enables pupils to pursue their gifts and talents in the many curriculum subject areas.

Educational Visits

Educational visits provide fantastic opportunities to increase pupil’s cultural awareness. All classes go on two visits a term linked to their current class topic. These visits provide valuable first-hand experience and learning opportunities outside of the classroom which inspire and bring to life their learning in class.
Click here to see the curriculum overview with listed educational visits across the school.

Equaliteach Workshops

Each year, Class 5&6 take part in Equaliteach workshops. The ‘Think!’ sessions are exciting and interactive workshops that develop young peoples’ critical thinking skills by exploring stereotypes, challenging misconceptions and considering the influences on their ideas and opinions.