Our intent in teaching Humanities is to enable children to be inspired with curiosity and fascination, asking and answering questions about the natural and human world, both past and present. Our intent in teaching Geography is to encourage children to think globally as well as locally to develop a greater understanding and knowledge of our world. We strive to inspire children to ask how and why the world is the way it is today, and what needs to change to sustain this in the future.

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Cultural Capital

Our Geography begins in the first few days of the school year. Every class takes part in a ‘My Place in the World‘ day where we focus on mapwork. Each class has to design a map and use symbols to show the different features. In EYFS, they focus on a map of their classroom and the courtyard. The older children look at different areas of Marylebone, with the areas getting larger as they get older. By the time the children are in Year 6, they make a map of Ewhurst during their stay in Sayers Croft and compare their map to Marylebone.

The whole school also takes part in World Week in February, where we celebrate all the different countries that our school community comes from.

At the start of the year, Year 6 go on a residential to Sayers Croft. Whilst in the countryside, they take part in many mapwork and orienteering activities to develop these skills further. The children also take part in some fieldwork, comparing the traffic and amenities in Ewhurst compared to London.

Throughout their time at school, we want all children to experience a range of locations/environments. As all the children live in central London, it is important that they have the opportunity to experience these and to compare and contrast to their familiar city. EYFS visit Willows Farms, Year 1 & 2 visit Broadstairs Beach and Year 3 & 4 visit Epping Forest. During each of these trips, they have the opportunity to develop their Geographical skills by making maps and comparing them to London and exploring the area through orienteering.





Geographical Reading

To enhance our Geography curriculum, we study high quality texts in our English lessons. This helps us to learn even more Geography and broaden our Geographical vocabulary.


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