Our intent for teaching Art and Design at St Vincent’s is to inspire and captivate children’s imagination and creativity through art and promote careful observation and an appreciation of the world around us. 

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Cultural Capital

We have built excellent links with Queen’s College and have worked closely with Queen’s College Art department. Last year, Mr Allan, the Art teacher worked with all classes over the year supporting the pupil’s art skills in class. With the support of five sixth form students, Mr Allan helped teach one of the five areas of art learning with each class. This was a fantastic opportunity and learning experience for both our pupils and staff and it was wonderful to learn new art skills through creative and innovative ways.

We have established wonderful links with the October Gallery in Hoxton. Many of our classes visit the gallery over the year to explore new artists and their artwork. It provides the opportunity for pupils to be exposed to a range of art and understand the artists ideas and vision which come alive in each piece.



We are lucky to be so close to the Wallace Collection and many classes visit over the year to take part in interesting workshops to explore the art and use the art as inspiration for their writing.




Each year we have a special Art Week where classes create a framed piece of art to sell in the school auction.





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Our wonderful mosaic was created with Art4Space in 2019. Every class contributed to the design and making of this special mosaic which can be seen in our school hall.