Our intent in teaching Humanities is to enable children to be inspired with curiosity and fascination, asking and answering questions about the natural and human world, both past and present. Our intent in teaching History is to inspire fascination and curiosity with an appreciation of the past, using critical thinking to acquire a deeper understanding of today’s world.

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Cultural Capital

We maximise our central London location by taking the children on many trips to enhance their learning, especially in History. For example, we have visited the Tower of London to learn more about the Great Fire of London. We have also taken the children to the British Museum to see the Benin Bronzes and debate whether they should be there or be returned.

We also welcome in many visitors to talk to the children. For example, Year 6 invite Kitty Baxter to talk to them about what it was like to be evacuated from London as a child in WWII.




Historical Reading

To enhance our History curriculum, we study high quality texts in our English lessons. This helps us to learn about key figures in History and broaden our Historical vocabulary.


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