St. Vincent’s School Council represent the views and opinions of the pupils of St. Vincent’s Catholic Primary School. Every child from year 1 to year 6 is given the opportunity to put themselves forward to become a School Council representative for their class. Candidates write a manifesto and give election speeches to their class before formal voting takes place, similar to a real election.

We have meetings every week to talk about the suggestions and concerns the children in our classes have raised and we invite various members of staff to our meetings to discuss our options. This year we will be having these virtually so children and adults from different Bubbles can still come together.

We meet and work with our school governors and work with our Parents’ Association as often as we can. This is a photo of the 2019-20 School Council meeting our local Ward Councillor, Karen Scarborough.


We also plan ways to raise money to benefit everyone in the school. One example of this is the annual Fruit Festival, which also encourages everyone to be healthy. We use the money raised to contribute toward buying daily fruit for Key Stage 2 children to eat and also towards having napkins at lunchtime.

Every year, we visit the Houses of Parliament to learn more about how democracy works in Great Britain.

We are the voice of the children!