Our intent is to provide children with a high quality, broad and balanced Science education which provides them with the foundations for understanding the world. We want to stimulate and excite children’s curiosity about phenomena and events in the world around them and to satisfy this curiosity through investigation and exploration.

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KS1 and KS2 use the Plan Science scheme to support their lessons. Plan Science ensures that we are teaching all the key vocabulary, addressing misconceptions and building on children’s prior knowledge to ensure that they are able to think scientifically, including planning and carrying out their own investigations.


Cultural Capital

We have strong links Queen’s College and Year 5 & 6 visit their science laboratories for more science experiments with their teacher. It’s exciting for the children to be in a science laboratory and do different experiments.



Classes go on Science themed trips throughout the year. Some have been to the Floating Classroom where they travel up the canal classifying the animals and plants that they see along the way. Others have visited the Science Museum to take part in exciting workshops. We also use our local area and visit Padding Street Gardens to explore the plants and habitats there.




Each year we celebrate Science and Engineering Week as a whole school. We have different visitors and workshops to enhance our Science curriculum and have fun doing lots of experiments!




Scientific Reading

To enhance our Science curriculum, we study high quality texts in our English lessons. This helps us to see how we can use our Science knowledge and broaden our Scientific vocabulary.


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