Our German partner school is called GS Bad Bentheim.

They have classes 1-4 and the children are aged 6-10. Their day starts at 7.55am and they finish at 1.00pm Then some children go home and some stay for lunch and clubs. There is no uniform and the children can wear whatever they like to school. They all speak German and they start learning English at school when they are 8 years old.

The Grundschule Bad Bentheim is a school close to Miss Siswick’s heart because her mum, her uncle and two of her aunts went there between 1945 and 1952!

Miss Siswick goes to visit our Partner School every August when she is on holiday in Germany. She delivers cards from Classes 4 and 5 and talks to the German children about London and about the children at St. Vincent’s. During the Year, we communicate with our partner classes in German and they communicate with us in English. We send them letters, messages on the German blog, ibooks and films.

This is Miss Siswick with Klasse 3c and their English teacher Frau Göhlfennen in August 2019. They have just started learning English and are very excited about being Class 4’s partner class.

Our German partner school is in Bad Bentheim. Bad Bentheim is in Germany but is very close to Holland.  You can fly to Amsterdam in Holland in 1 hour and then get the train to Bad Bentheim. You can also get there by getting the ferry or going in the tunnel to France and then travelling to Germany by coach, car or train which takes about 6 hours.