We really hope we do not need to revert to remote learning again but we want to be fully prepared for any circumstance when this may be needed at short notice.  Every child who does not have their own device at home has already been provided with a Chromebook that is used to access and complete their homework, and the same resources will be used for remote learning.

In order to keep up to date with what we are learning about in school, we will map our English and Maths lessons to the Oak National Academy Lessons. Information will be posted in each class Google Classroom page  so that you can access the lessons immediately. There will also be the opportunity to virtually join in with registration sessions with the class to help children stay connected with their friends (timings will be found on Google Classroom).

If you have any trouble with access, please contact the school and we will help you.

Remote Learning Guidance for Parents (including SEND support): Remote Education information for parents


This guide talks you through how to find your work while you are isolating:


Remote Learning

In the event of school closure and the need to revert to Remote Learning the day will consist of a range of live lesson, video lessons, drop in sessions and registration time

Education and attendance for Remote Learning is compulsory and all children are expected to ‘attend’ lessons and complete all work, as if they were at school. If your child is unwell and unable to complete the work, then please make the office aware, following the school’s usual absence policy.

All sessions will take place on Google Classroom, following a timetable, ensuring the children stay in a normal school routine. All timetables will be posted on each Year Group’s Home Learning page (Reception, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 & Year 6). We will be continually reviewing the provision and updated timetables will be posted on the Home Learning pages and emails to all parents.

Daily Routine

Each class will start the day with the register, a morning prayer and an explanation of the day from their teacher. Any children not present during registration will receive a phone call to ensure that they are okay, ready to start their school day and if there is anything we can help with.

The day will consist of a mixture of pre-recorded video lessons and live sessions which will be posted onto Google Classroom during the registration session. These can be seen on each class’s timetable, with pink lessons being live and black being pre-recorded. The timings for the pre-recorded lessons are a suggestion to help the children structure their days and complete all their work. The live lessons will be held in the Classroom’s Google Meet at the set time.

The afternoon registration will be combined with a support session where children will mark their Maths work from the lesson, receive support on any work from the day and join for a wellbeing catch up with the friends and teachers. There will also be targeted support sessions for small group work that some children will be invited to attend. We will have live lesson agreements so that everyone is aware the expectations for these sessions: Live teaching agreements for childrenLive teaching agreements for parents

All work is to be completed on the day and ‘handed in’ on Google Classroom. Work can be done in books with photographs uploaded into Classroom or by typing straight into the document. All work must be handed in by 4pm in order for teachers to mark it ready for the next lesson. We understand the trials of supporting remote learning while parents are working from home and so any work handed in after 4pm will still be marked, but not necessarily in time for the next lesson.

We will structured the timetable to keep it as close to school routine as possible, with time scheduled for breaks and lunch time so that children balance their day with work and play. We will also try, where possible, to limit the amount of time children spend on devices so that they are not looking at screens for the whole day.

PE lessons can be found in the PE Classroom and the weekly Assembly will be posted in the Assembly Classroom.

Google Classroom Support

We have created some help sheets and video guides that will hopefully help you to use Google Classroom. Please contact the office if you need any help.

Here is a step by step guide written by a Year 6 pupil about how to use Google Classroom: Instructions for Google Classroom for children

This is the general guide for Google Classroom:

This guide talks through how to hand in work:

This guide talks through Google Meet: