Our Design and Technology scheme of work aims to inspire all pupils to be innovative and creative thinkers who have an appreciation for the product design cycle through ideation, creation, and evaluation. We want pupils to develop the confidence to take risks, through drafting design concepts, modelling, and testing and to be reflective learners who evaluate their work and the work of others. Through our scheme of work (Kapow), we aim to build an awareness of the impact of design and technology on our lives and encourage pupils to become resourceful, enterprising citizens who will have the skills to contribute to future design advancements.

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KS1 and KS2 use the Kapow Primary scheme to support their lessons. Each unit is planned so that the children work through the three stages of creating a product: design, make and evaluate. The units build on previous ones so that children are continually revisiting and developing key skills, whilst also designing a product with a purpose.


Cultural Capital

Each year, every class takes part in our annual Enterprise Week. The class becomes a business and they work together to design and make a product to sell to other children in the school. Each class can spend their profit on things for their classroom, like reading books or wet play games.



Green Team and Year 2 worked on a chutney project with Schools To Market where they had to make their own chutney (with fruit they picked from the farm themselves!), design the packaging and sell their chutney in Whole Foods.



Class 5 have taken part in the Architecture in Schools project where architects come and speak to the children about architecture. They take the children on a walk around the local area, looking at different buildings. The children then work together to redesign our local area in a way that would be fun and suitable for children.





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